Historical Sites

History has always been an interest of mine.  At high school my favourite subjects were Ancient History, Modern History as well as Art — which is not purely a subject about history, but it does have a strong connection to the development of cultures through the years.  So I’ve added this page to list some historical sites that I come across from time to time.  There’s no theme that I go looking for, so in time there will be a variety.  Bound to be something of interest for you.

  • First cab off the rank relates to the beautiful city of Brisbane, titled “Your Brisbane: Past and Present“.  A treasure trove of photos from the past as Brisbane developed from a sleepy town on a river to the vibrant city of today.  I didn’t realise that there was quite an American presence in the city during the 2nd World War.  There are some photos and content about said presence here.
  • Wessels Living History farm — a living farm in York, Nebraska, donated by the Wessels family to ensure that the history of their ancestor, Diedrich Wessels, continues on through time. A site rich in history, both family and world.

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