About the blogger

Welcome to my blog. I chose the title to reflect my belief that we continue to evolve as we age and experience life. It seems more so when one is out of their “safety zone”, which for me means living in another country. I’ve changed (evolved) in many ways since moving to the USA and back home to Queensland again, mostly through necessity. This is an ongoing experience…a little about me:

  • I’m an Aussie (from Queensland);
  • I’m interested in many things, including (in no particular order) equality, history, photography, writing (have a children’s book to produce at some point), cyber-culture, online/distance learning, technology integration, blogging (obviously) and a multitude of other topics;
  • I love technology that works.  At home I use Apple products for that reason.  They integrate well, information is easily shared via the cloud, and (touch wood) I’ve never had an issue with any of the pieces owned over the years.  Currently loving my iMac, iPad, and MacBook Air.  Probably over resourced, but each item fulfills a need I have.

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