Reviving the past…


When I was a kid I loved to sketch.  I figure this started with the blackboard I had from early age, and gradually I changed to different modes. I loved drawing trees and landscapes, and wished that there was a way to keep a copy of my creations on the blackboard.  These days a mobile phone would do that for you. I’ve been a creative all my life, hence my blogging and photography passions. Recently I’ve had quite a deal of encouragement from a friend and her Mum to get back into the sketching. A while back my friend even bought me what had been my favourite pen — I was happy to see still existed — a Rotring Rapidograph pen. Memories of my art classes at high school came back when I attached the ink cartridge and put nib to paper.

So I started to sketch a landscape using a photo I had taken, but the passion wasn’t there. I think the difference was that when I was a kid, my imagination ran wild; now, all these years on, life (especially through work standards) has conditioned me to be exact, not to go too far outside the “norms” of life. So I probably need to work on changing that. Tonight I was in the mood to read some new blogs, so I used the Discover function of WP. Blow me down but the first one that became available was called Doodlewash. It’s a site that highlights watercolour sketches and paintings — looking at some of the ones highlighted brought that passion for me — this is what I wish to do.  Couple my sketching with watercolours.

This highlighted work is similar to my experience I think.

I especially like what he says, because if I try to achieve perfection, I may never be satisfied enough to finish the work: “I am a fan of spontaneity, and so I never sketch in pencil – I always go straight to ink. Every time I mess up this way becomes a learning experience.

So to progress with this revival of an old passion, I need to get to the art store pronto. While my life is fairly full at the moment, there are things that I spend too much time on (Facebook for example), and cutting back in that regard will free up time for this creative pursuit. I’m excited because I can see something beyond just a sketch.  I can use watercolour to bring my sketch to life.

Stay tuned!  🙂



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