The past…part 2

Back in April I wrote a post about a visit to my hometown of Toowoomba, and the changes I had noted.  I promised a part 2, and here it is.  I can’t believe it’s almost 2 months since I wrote that post — how time flies when life interferes.  🙂

So my friend Alan took me for a spin around the city, to places I knew well, and some that had changed over the years. One of the first places we went to was the new Toowoomba library.  As a kid, I spent many hours at the old one.  It’s where my love of reading was born and my expertise in research and subsequent writing was nurtured. This was back in the days before technology arrived, so there was no google or database searches available — we used our hands and eyes to make our way through the various journals and other resources.  I’m sure many of my readers will remember these times.

The new Library is very beautiful in design and functionality. Local materials were used in its construction and especially beautiful are the panels on the sides made out of beaten copper — which looks especially colourful when the sun hits of an afternoon. There is a lot of local granite and sandstone used in the paths leading to the main building, and in line with Toowoomba’s gardening culture (Toowoomba is considered to be the gardening capital of Australia) there are many gardens and trellises for climbing plants. I like that there are also water features and sculptures, befitting a place of learning.

It was late on a Sunday afternoon so we weren’t able to go in, but I can only imagine how beautiful and functional it is. I’ll come back another day and grab some internal shots.

We went for a brief drive around the inner city CBD — I have a preference for shopping in areas like this, as opposed to the mega size shopping centres.  They seem to have some character about them, whereas I find the big complexes a mass of busy people with little time to stop and appreciate their surroundings.  Plus my childhood memories were made way before the big retailers came to IMG_8427_HDRtown. There’s a major redevelopment happening quite close to the library, and I was amazed at how many cranes were working the site. I guess I have become used to seeing them in Brisbane, but it hadn’t really dawned on me that Toowoomba would be undergoing a transformation.

Other places that we visited I wasn’t able to get photos of, due to the light fading as the sun went down. I make regular trips to Toowoomba to visit my Mum in a nursing home there, so I’ll gradually put more photos up for those interested.

Well, I hope this second post has been of interest. I guess it might be of more interest to a Toowoomba’ite.  🙂



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