Re-connections all round…

It’s amazing that since I floated the idea of opening my blog up again, I have re-connected with experiences from the past. One such was a woman I met a year ago when she was visiting a friend’s home.  She is an Aussie who has lived in London for a number of years, and came back to see her new grandson born last year, and then returned to London some time later. She returned this week to see him for his first birthday. So we caught up for a coffee and a chat — because we are both very outgoing and love a chat, the time flew by and lasted almost 4 hours. Random topics galore, just how I like them. I’ve missed that intellectual conversation.

I got to New Farm Park, a riverside suburb of Brisbane, via a ride on one of the Brisbane City Council’s city cats. It’s such a great way to travel – so much better than driving. I once lived in this area, and used the city cat to get to and from work, but now live south of the city.  So this mode of transport was also a re-connection to how I travelled a couple of years ago.  An extra treat for me.  🙂

The council has adorned the fleet of city cats with the colours and logos of the city’s and State’s (Queensland) sporting teams.  The cat that I rode in on was painted with the Reds…the state’s premier rugby team.  Its mascot is a koala which you can see if you look closely at the photo below.  I had a chance to get a photo of the cat as it was coming up the river to collect me. In the background is a very busy road into the city, one which I would have had to navigate had I driven in instead of using the city cat. Towering above the road and the river is a hill loaded with houses of varying ages, as can be determined by the different building styles.  What a glorious view of the river each would have.



2 thoughts on “Re-connections all round…

  1. I love architecture, and find that picture fascinating. The part that really jumps out at me is the Mediterranean villa style house sandwiched between the one story ranch style (green roof) and the multi-storied modern styled house (red roof). It’s a really interesting neighborhood.

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