Adios, au revoir, arrivederci, goodbye….

Well, I have decided that it is time to bring my blog to a close. It’s run its course, and has seen various changes over the years. It started out on the Blogger platform late in the 90’s (the only one around at that time), and a few years later I moved it all across to the WordPress platform. WordPress has continued to evolve much like this blog was intended.

But it’s time to say goodbye. My readers will be aware that the content as well as the frequency of posts has declined over time.

I have a photo blog running now, still in its infancy, that I want to spend time on building. But I have something else in mind that is in the planning stages. I won’t say anything more for the time being.

To my readers, thank you for staying with me. I have your email addresses and will contact you once I get back into the world of blogging etc.

Bye for now.



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