Life Changes

I recently was diagnosed with diabetes; in some ways perhaps I’m not surprised, because of a family history and also (unfortunately) carrying some weight which is not good in general, but particularly so for diabetes.  It gave me the kick in the butt that I probably needed — I’ve never really taken good care of myself, sometimes through apathy, and other times a lack of funds has meant insufficient health coverage.

Interestingly, the general populace in Australia throws off at the health system in the USA.  But my experience is different — I lived there for 10 years and in that time had a knee replacement, and other normal ailments, which required medical attention.  I worked for a University for the majority of the time and had subsidised health insurance.  Many other workers in various employment sectors have a similar type of insurance. The knee replacement was done at a private hospital, with an overnight stay (the surgery is very easy on the body these days) and the out of pocket expenses for me amounted to about $250.  When I went to the GP, my co-pay was never more than $20.  I didn’t have to wait long periods to get in and I found their procedures to be easy to navigate, even for a foreigner not used to the ways and means of the health system.

Some of you may know that I have been searching for a new job — my previous one finished on April 20, and despite a LOT of applications, I remain unemployed and getting frustrated no end.  Actually, I will admit that there’s some depression creeping in, so I am in touch with my health support in that regard.  Sad to say, finding employment in this new world of work is near on impossible for anyone aged 50+ — here’s a decent explanation posted by a “jaded job seeker” that gives a very good indication of the experiences one has with gaining work.  To date I’ve probably sent out over 50 applications, and received back at most 5 responses (all negative).  No offer of feedback, and those that I have requested it from have not even responded. Manners seem to have gone out the window in this new age.

So there’s where I am right now.  At least I have a roof over my head (though that could change as my own funds run low) for the time being.  Fingers crossed I find something soon.


10 thoughts on “Life Changes

  1. My youngest sister and some cousins on both sides of my family have juvenile diabetes. I have relatives with age onset as well which almost makes it inevitable for me at some time. My weight loss, dietary changes and exercise will hopefully hold it off for a few years. I wish you well in managing the diabetes (and in your new job).

  2. I can understand what you all experienced
    In Eropa happens the same situation, where so difficult to find work, special as we are 50+
    With the economy crisis, many young people can not get work.
    Many companies go to the Asia, with the reason they’re more cheaper than in Eropa. I am sorry about your diabetes. I think you should take diet program. My husband also just like you, with the program
    now he’s feeling better, of course he must take medication as well. I hope soon you get the job. God bless you. Thank you very much for your visiting in my blog. Very encourage me. Warm regards, 😛

  3. Sorry to hear about your recent troubles. We have a friend who was just diagnosed with adult onset of Diabetes. She has a twin sister who’s been diabetic since her teen years. Which makes my friend more susceptible to the disease. But being over 50 she thought she was out of danger. Not the case with her I’m afraid. Life has a way of throwing us curve balls.

    Take care of yourself and take advantage of any resources available to you. Your health issue combined with your job issue could easily lead to depression. You’re smart to recognize the signs and be proactive. Try to stay positive and lean on those who care about you.

  4. The diabetes could be a blessing in that you will now take care of yourself. You have my sympathies on the job woes. I have been through the same thing myself. As Janet D says, be grateful for what you have, learn what is really important, and roll with the changes. When you come out the other side, you will be a whole new more fabulous you!!

    • Yes, I agree about it being a blessing. Job wise it continues, but I am getting out and about and not letting the stress of it rule my life like it has done in the past. Thanks so much for your comment.

  5. I’m sorry to read about your diabetes and do hope you keep up the needed care. Also about the job situation, you are not alone. My prayer for you is that you keep your sense of gratitude alive and reach out to all the resources available to you. Writing helps me a lot and it is a way to stay creative and keep the mind strong… You will be fine… Sending you virtual hugs… I can relate even if I can’t go into details…
    Be blessed!

  6. I feel you. The only negative aspect of my recent divorce is the repercussion of being an at-home mom for 17 years and now needing to find a way to support myself when spousal support ends. Today I am 45 with a massive gap in my resume at a challenging economic time. When I apply for a position, I can only imagine the chuckle at the feeble attempt by the travel blogging mom to secure a “real job”. I’m learning to push down the worry that arises when I imagine not having a job and not being married when the support ends (fortunately that’s a long way off). Fortunately, my priorities adjusted before the divorce so “things” are no longer important to me…just a roof, food, lots of love, and a few cute pairs of shoes ;). I’m pulling for you, Kim! Have you thought about creating something of your own, maybe? Ha…the only thing I’m qualified to hand out is empathy!

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