Conversations heard

Well I am sitting in a cafe on the campus of the University of Queensland, where I have come for an interview for a job. Got here early, so decided to have a cool drink and relax in the cool shady spot close to where I am having the interview in a little while.

The subject of this post relates to conversations heard. Cheryl kindly drove me to West End where I caught a city cat across the Brisbane River, and then a bus to the campus. So I’ve heard a few conversations along the way. Some in languages I don’t know (UQ has a strong international component to it, so lots of students from all over the world), others in more familiar tones. I’m hearing one right now that is cracking me up – two young females, in a conversation with many subjects — from certain males they like (or don’t), to what they are planning for the weekend, through to the class they are preparing for right now.

What’s making me laugh is the class preparation discussion. As seems to be common the world over, some students do all the work and share same with the others. So one of the women comes across as knowing what she is talking about (sounds like some type of psych class) – the other just asked her how much reading she did – the response, “none, I Googled it”. OMG. Reminded me of when I was teaching computer science at West Virginia University, and the lengths that students would go to to get out of doing the work. I guess some things never change. I wonder who’ll help them come exam time.

I have to say though that it feels good to be back on the campus. I worked here for 9 months when I first came back from the USA. I love the whole university feel, a place of learning, information, cultures, all wrapped together for the ultimate experience – well for me anyway. It’s a breath of fresh air, a change in pace from life on Bribie Island and work in Caboolture.

Yes, I’m going to love living back in Brisbane. I’ve missed the vibrancy, the place is ever growing and with that comes all kinds of experiences.


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