Vale Steve Jobs

It was a shock to read of Steve Jobs’ passing this morning…my iPhone4 seemed to come alive as the emails from the various news sites I am subscribed to started filtering through.  I guess those of us who have kept an eye on the evolution of Apple weren’t surprised that he retired, but certainly we were that he passed away so soon.  It’s hard to imagine that his genius, his enthusiasm for life and every other thing that he stood for and believed in, won’t be with us any longer.  His visions will though I believe.

I started using Apple products when, as an IT consultant at West Virginia University, I was given an Apple Mac and told to support those Faculty who had jumped the PC bandwagon and had started using these “things”.  That would have been in about 1998, and I had never used one.  I remember my colleagues laughing when they realised that I had no idea where the power on/off button was (it was the Apple key).  But I loved what you could achieve with the Mac, and so began my love affair with the hardware.  Jump forward to now and I am using an iMac, and beside me is my iPhone4.  My MacBook is sitting on the table as well.  I’ve also had an iBook which I loved and a couple of iPods, and maybe sometime in the future, an iPad (or whatever is on offer at the time) will be here with me.

Some people I know go on about the cost of Apple gear, how it is so much more than a Windows machine.  I use the Apple brand because for me it does what I want, when I want.  It just works.  No patches to do, no weekly uploads from Microsoft and co and it just works.  Integration at its best.

But back to Steve Jobs.  It’s been amazing to see the reaction from across the globe, including his fierce competitors at Microsoft and Google.  Bill Gates said it all with:

The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come.”


One thought on “Vale Steve Jobs

  1. I was just hearbroken when i heard the news. I’ve yet to own a mac computer (we had an Apple II when I was a kid- my first real computer experience) but you know my iPod is a PART of me. I don’t know what I’d have done without it when I was recovering from all those eye surgeries. I used to count the clicks on the wheel to navigate playlists. Every time I did, I said a silent thank you to Steve Jobs.

    And if not for him, no Pixar either (those films have been a huge part of my life and the defining entertainment of my daughter’s childhood).

    Sad, very sad. If I could do anything I wanted today I’d go out and buy an iPad, just because.


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