Busy times = loss of control

Got to my workplace early, and felt like writing a short post. It’s a beautiful autumn day, and the temperature in the low 60’s (mid teens for those not familiar with Fahrenheit). It’ll get warmer especially now that the sun is poking up from behind the buildings – it’s catching my eyes as I type this (I’m still in my car).

So, to my topic this morning. We lead busy lives – no doubt about that. Some of it out of our control. Some of it we can make a serious effort at decreasing the level of, which in turn then will improve our quality of life. I know it’s not as simple as that sounds.

This commentary all came about because I was tailgated for most of my journey by a very silly man this morning – he was downright out of control, and for most if the drive he scared me with his aggressive behaviour. When he eventually passed me at what had to be >110, he shook his fist at me, no doubt accompanied by sone not so choice words.

One has to wonder what was going on in his life to bring about such behaviour. To look at him, you’d think he was not capable of such actions – probably a little older than I, same grey hair etc.

I see aggressive driving a lot – and in some ways feel lucky to have moved to a seemingly more peaceful location in Bribie Island – though the driver this morning obviously lives on Bribie. Can’t escape it totally I know.

I wonder – at what point did we as a human race become so insensitive to others? Is this civilisation? Is this what the early settlers braved such tough conditions for? Methinks they’d be rolling in their graves.

Oh well – there’s my rant for the day. Here’s hoping for a calmer day in the office. Pleaseeeeee.


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