Books….and more books

Well I went out for some supplies for the cooking afternoon I’ve planned, and ended up at Brewed Books, for coffee and good conversation. This is kinda like my home away from home. It confirms to me what I’ve always thought – that books/stories have such an impact on me.

As a kid, I would spend hours at the Toowoomba library – reading all kinds of books. Even the Encyclopedia Brittanica, which had an amazing amount of information in the set.

That love of books meshed with my love of writing – and eventually led me to gaining pen-friends; whose stories would keep my unending thirst for information about life in all kinds of places well cared for.

Years on and that interest continues – and is equally fed through books, technology (like this blog as well as others’ blogs), and face-to-face interactions. The reading time has been consumed somewhat by Facebook, and that needs to change. I have books piling up, almost screaming to be read.

It’s time to reclaim that reading time. FB can go on a hiatus for a while. Now it’s a decision as to which book I’ll read.

Decisions, decisions…..


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