It’s a portable world

Well I got to work a little earlier than expected so while I wait for the time to arrive, I thought I’d post something.

On the drive in from Bribie, I was thinking (as I often do) about life – today it was about what my life is like compared to what my father had at a comparable time in his life. Sadly he passed away in 1995, at age 63, never able to enjoy retirement – for most of my life at home, I can always remembering him having 2 jobs – his f/t one as a welder, as well as a weekend one where he delivered papers to news-agencies and also to houses over a wide area of Toowoomba.

I look at my own life right now and there are some startling differences. Technology has made a huge difference in my life, and I wonder what he would think of it all if he were still here.

Like most people, he liked tv. I remember when we got our first tv, the amazement we all felt; then came the VCR, now a long-forgotten memory. Add a stereo, and we were set.

But look at us now. TV, DVR’s, TIVOs, and portable music, computers, Internet on demand. Instant access to pretty much anything one desires.

I’ve fallen into the trap (like others I know) of spending way too much time with technology. Look at me now – posting to my blog from my iPhone, something I would never have thought possible back in the late ’90’s when I started the first iteration of this blog.

I take my laptop when I travel, the iPhone is almost a 3rd arm, and my iMac is always ready to take me anywhere in the world. I haven’t given in yo the urge to pick up an iPad – some say it would be good to read newspapers or books that way. Pfffft!!! No thanks, I’ll keep reading the old fashioned way – hard copy all the way for me. I know Dad and I would agree on that one.

Oh, and I’m back using pen and paper to write to friends. Technology is great no doubt – but sine things can’t be replaced by it in my world.

Off here, to work I go.


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