Passing the time….

Another beautiful autumn afternoon, made better by a public holiday in recognition of Labour Day. Gotta love long weekends.

Just went to Buckley’s Hole, a very peaceful and quiet (apart from the sounds of wildlife) bird habitat on the island. Took some photos and a short video of it, and will post some up soon – am using the WordPress app on my iPhone, and I don’t know that I can insert photos. [postscript: can put photos up].

Amongst all the peace, I was saddened and disgusted that previous visitors had left behind drink cans and other bits and pieces – and stupidly threw them into the water. I just don’t understand people – do they not think or care? Probably neither. Idiots!!!

So I’ve called into Brewed Books – it’s on my way home, so why not. I should talk Jason (the owner) into putting a bed in the corner for me – I’m here fairly regularly. 🙂

Off here, coffee & reading awaits. Hope if you are reading this that your day is going well. Embrace life!! Breathe!!




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