Lazy Sunday – no, Tuesday afternoon.

So here it is Tuesday April 26, and the last day of the Easter/ANZAC Day break.

It’s been great having 5 days off work, the longest I’ve had since starting back in a job, after over a year unemployed. It’s a different feeling to what it was when I was on the enforced break. Now I savour the time, and, yes, sometimes get the Mondayitis that I know others experience from time to time.

I’m doing this post from Brewed Books, excellent used book store owned and run by Jason, an English guy who happens to make a great coffee as well. Even better he has free wireless access, making it possible to do this post, using the WordPress app on my iPhone.

I seem to buy a book whenever I come in – cast offs from people with no use for them any longer. Right now I’m probably going to take with me a very interesting looking book by Arthur C Clarke, titled “Greetings Carbon-Based Bipeds”. Self described as a “a vision of the 20th Century as it happened”. Bound to be an interesting insight with essays written by Clarke from 1934 onward.

His acknowledgement page has all the usual thanks, finished off with “..and last but far from least – my killer Chihuahua, Pepsi, ferocious guardian of my privacy”.

Yes, this will be a great read.  Updates as I get into the book….


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