Where to next…

Well, I’ve managed to make it back here.  I’m trying to overcome a block of sorts that has been plaguing me for so long.  I really think it’s tied into the past few years which I have found extremely frustrating.  No need to go on about it, those of you who know me have had to endure the stories.  Despite knowing that I am an intelligent person, with a good mix of education and life experiences, I continue to be disappointed with my lot in life.

Late last year I finally found an organisation willing to take me on, and I went there with such high hopes. A non-profit organisation, picking up the job fulfilled one of my ambitions to work for an organisation which shared the same values as myself.  It actually does care about people, and displays much compassion.  But it is still not doing it for me — yes, I get some $ for the pleasure, but it just doesn’t challenge me.  Trouble is…what is it that would do it for me?

Man ponders his future

There are a couple of things.  One would be a technology teacher in the public school system.  It would be great to once again be able to teach and assist someone achieve their educational desires (well, hopefully I’d come across some kids with that as an ambition). I know I have the way with it all to achieve great things in a position such as this — BUT….you know there will always be a disclaimer of sorts.  To achieve that, I would need to somehow upgrade my educational qualifications.  I have a degree already, so it would mean pursuing a Grad Dip in Education.  Therein lies the problem — I can’t afford to give up work because of my financial standing (long-term unemployment does that to you) — so I’ll need to investigate the possibility of doing it externally or part-time.

I’d also love to head off overseas and do some volunteer/low paid work in a developing nation.  To me, that would be the icing on the cake.  Once again, the finances (or lack thereof) interfere with that dream.

I suppose I could just head off and worry about it later on in life…hang on, I’m soon to be blowing out 54 candles, so later on in life is starting to show itself.


One thought on “Where to next…

  1. I share your employment angst, my friend. I think I may be finding a (low paying) place, but at least I love it, right? Keep searching…I think you will find it.

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