A part-time venture

Well, I have been experimenting with my photography for some time.  I do OK with it I guess…I come across beauty in all shapes and forms and like to display the results for friends to see.  I primarily do that on my Facebook page, and consistently get oohs and ahhs from my friends.  I also get a lot of encouragement from them to take it a step further and start to sell the photos.  I don’t know much about marketing, so have tended to not worry about it.  But a friend of mine pointed me to an online site, called red bubble.  I created a profile and have started uploading them.  It’s a nice system — I upload and depending on the size of the photo, they determine what can be produced.  Of course, they get their cut, but it enables me to get my photos out to the world, whereas I might not have been able to do otherwise.  A nice feature is that it also posts onto my Facebook, showing whatever I upload, with a link to red bubble for interested purchasers or browsers. Red bubble provides you with all kinds of ways of marketing your items.  I’ve got to work out where to paste some html that will provide a slideshow of my products.

I don’t expect people to buy unless they really want to.  Given that my blog has just a few dedicated readers, it’s unlikely I’ll generate much from it.  But I wanted to at least put this up.

Wish me luck….


3 thoughts on “A part-time venture

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