Trying again…

A few nights ago I logged into the blog using the WordPress application on my iPhone.  It was late, around 2am — couldn’t sleep so I decided to lie in bed and post again.  Trouble is, I did the post and published it, only to find when I went to see the fruits of my labour, there was no record. Man, was I so not impressed.  I don’t know if it was the application that didn’t work, or maybe it was my ISP, which shall remain nameless…whose “service” of late has been less than desired.

It didn’t surprise me that I hadn’t posted since April, and I am making no excuses — life has had a lot of ups and downs these past 12 months and unfortunately my blog had to go on hold.  Certain parts of my existence remain uncertain, but I am slowly pulling myself back up and looking toward a future, though I don’t really know what shape or form it will take.  I’ve had all kinds of possibilities come through my head, and of course from the many “experts”.  I know most people mean well, but sometimes it is hard to take hearing comments that portray me as being less than capable to find work etc.

So it is Saturday morning, almost 5am, and I’ve been awake since 3:30am, not by choice, just how it is right now.  But the good side to being awake at this time of the morning is being able to see the sky change from a star-encrusted expanse to what is now almost sunrise…in fact it is obviously up because of the rays that are poking through the fluffy clouds sitting on the horizon.  As always, the parrots are active in voice and flight.  I’ll post a photo of one looking at me from the balcony above recently.

So…I’m back yet again…hopefully there will be more frequency than has been occurring.


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