Nature abounds

I’m sure I have written in the past about the beauty of nature.  It seems wherever one goes, there are some brilliant examples of nature on show.  I have recently moved to Bribie Island and discovered that there is an excellent bird hide located at Buckley’s Hole.  I’ve been there a few times now and am flabbergasted at the variety of birds found there. I find the place very relaxing and could spend many hours there at a time.

Of interest recently were the 2 resident black swans.  Making a nest out in the middle of the lagoon.  I’ll put some photos up at the end of this post.  Also of interest, a very pristine piece of sand called Banksia Beach, which is in an older and less tourist plagued area.  Suits me down to the ground not to see many people there.  I had a great walk there on Sunday.

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4 thoughts on “Nature abounds

  1. Gorgeous photographs Kim. They really do capture the beauty and wonder of nature. Note to self – get out more often! Thank you for sharing.

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