Watching the world go by

Sitting in the Brisbane Square Library — came in to the city to do a couple of needed purchases and thought it might be nice to pop in here and do some reading and maybe even produce a blog posting.  Good start to a new month.  I can’t believe January has come and gone already.

Had a great weekend away — went to stay with a good friend and we had a great time — like we always do.  Brenda lives in an area of Bribie Island that is not so popular with the tourists, so the beach which is across the road is more pristine than in other locations.  Bribie was a place my parents visited from time to time when we were growing up….though further north at Caloundra was where we spent the majority of our holidays during the summer.  I’ve had the luck to see many beaches around the world and each has its own beauty, but for me there is something about Moffatt Beach at Caloundra.  I seem to be attracted there for some reason.  During the time I lived in the USA, I came back for a visit in 2003, and no surprise that I ended up spending a fair proportion of my time there, and stayed at a nice place across the road from the beach.

I’ve been putting more time into my photography of late and experimenting with the various settings on the Nikon.  It’s easy to use the auto function, but more fun (for me anyway) to turn that off and see what all those features do.  I’m going to borrow a book from the library while here that will help me understand F stops, and other such mysteries.  Here’s a photo I took of a rosella that was one of many that came to Brenda’s balcony on Sunday morning.  Just beautiful!

Friendly rosella

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