The years roll on….

Well, it’s about 7.5 hours to go till 2010 arrives.

I wanted to wish all and sundry a wonderful 2010.  May we achieve peace around the world.  May we take better care of our planet. Both are HUGE I know, but I figure if I have any influence available, then this is what I would like it used on.  🙂

I’ve never been one to make resolutions — but to change tradition, maybe I will.  I need to increase my fitness and also become better at using my time.  Back to volunteering, back to reading, back to blogging.  All give me much pleasure.

Thanks to whoever visits my blog.  The posts this year have been slightly down on previous years, so that is why it is important that I get more serious about blogging.  Now that I have a renewed interest in photography, you should hopefully see more regular posts.  Time will tell I suppose.




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