Tripping around the countryside…

This past week I have been away from home and working at the Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE — delivering some training to key personnel as they prepare to start using a new student administration system.  The Institute is located in the tropical city of Cairns.  It is a beautiful place and reminded me of how much beauty there is before our very eyes — and that sometimes we don’t stop to appreciate it.  It’s been 26 years since I was in Cairns, having driven from Toowoomba to Cairns back when I was living in Toowoomba.  Yes, the place has changed, with a lot more resorts and high-rise, but once you leave that area, and go to the suburbs, that familiar feel emerges.  Tropical and country combined.  Beautiful.

I was lucky on the flight up — got a window seat, which afforded me wonderful views of the coastline — and of course the spectacular colours of the coral of the Great Barrier Reef. I took some photos using my iPhone — they aren’t perfect but the ones I have loaded will give you an idea of what it looks like all the way up the Queensland coastline.

Coral of the Great Barrier Reef
Coral of the Great Barrier Reef
Coral close to Cairns
Coral close to Cairns


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