Ponderings in the early hours

Just gone 2:30am on July 31 here – and I find myself unable to sleep – thanks to a dose of the flu. So far it’s not been too bad, though I am wary of anything at the moment – because this swine flu is really rampant in Brisbane right now.

I need to get better soon though because I am travelling next week, delivering training to some educational Institutions starting this coming Monday.

Some chicken soup would be nice about now, but I can’t convince myself to get out of the warm bed at the moment. It’s times like these where being single really sucks. I miss having someone caring enough to keep an eye out for me. Another downside to my recent relationship breakup.

So it’s pitch black in my bedroom – thankfully this iPhone that I’m doing this post on has a well lit screen, and I’ve become quite adept at the art of typing on the touchscreen’s keyboard using just my thumb.

Quite amazing how fast and (mostly) accurate I’ve become as well. Of course, it’s not all my doing – the phone employs a well developed predictive text system, so it kind of knows what I am trying to type. Technology is quite amazing if you think about it.

I remember well the moon walk back in ’69. I was in Grade 7 at primary school and we were given a day off school so that we could watch this monumental event in it’s entirety. We sat in awe at what was unfolding before us – and Armstrong’s now famous words as he stepped into the lunar dust held our attention well.

I wonder will anyone ever put together another mission like this. Seems it would cost a fortune, and for what gain I wonder? But I guess a lot of what we now take for granted was developed as a consequence of the Apollo mission, so there would undoubtedly be benefits.

I remember also my first look at the graphical version of the world wide web. I was working at a university and a colleague called and told me he had seen this new way of looking at the web (up until that point we had been using text-based methods).

In Australia, there was one major gateway out to the web – via a link set up at Bond University. So we connected using Opera (one of the few graphical browsers available at the time) and went to the site of the Louvre in Paris. I was totally amazed – having been there in person, here I was some thousands of kilometers away looking at the Mona Lisa. Who would have thought that this would be possible?

So many events stick in my mind. 9/11 is huge, especially having lived in the US at the time. Others still. Will pick this theme up again soon. For now I need to get some sleep.


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