Blogger’s block or just life?

Here it is February and once again I have blogger’s block. I was just reading Sirdar’s recent offering, aptly titled “A Post About Nothing, Really….“. It’s what this posting should be titled. I’ve started, stopped, and deleted numerous bits and pieces — now, this seems to be a regular occurrence for me the past year. Could it be a sign that I am getting old? I do blow out 52 candles in April after all. Actually, I don’t think it is age-related. It is more that my life has been in a flux — trying to shore up my working situation (I work in a “somewhat” dysfunctional place); settling into a new living arrangement; and also dealing with some issues in my personal/family life.

I’ve got a couple of great friends who have been what seemed brutal with their comments and suggestions at times — when I heard what they suggested, I thought they were so wrong. BUT — this week a lot of what they said came to pass, and I decided to start the week off by finishing this post and moving forward.

So…let’s call this the end, and also call it the start.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Blogger’s block or just life?

  1. Sometimes those brutal friends are hard to take and yet, it might just be what someone needs to prepare for the next step. I am glad you have great friends.

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