New Year…new goals

Happy New Year to anyone who happens across this post.  New Year’s Day here and I’ve been sitting around most of it trying to stay cool — Brisbane (and much of my State of Queensland) has been enduring above average temperatures this summer, with more of the same forecast for tomorrow.  UGH!

I’m planning on writing some more on this blog — it’s had a rocky life, and it’s time I brought it back online — I do enjoy expressing my thoughts after all.  So maybe posting on the first day of a new year is symbolic to me — a blogging friend of mine, Sirdar, who recently came back to his blogging after a self-imposed absence, said that instead of making resolutions, he’s setting goals.  I like that — so I’m going along the same path.


3 thoughts on “New Year…new goals

  1. I’ll meet you half way temperature wise…it was -37˚C this morning at 9am. It was probably close to +37˚C there so if we meet around 0˚C, life would be good 🙂

    I’m going to try and do more blogging. But I am going to try and not make it as time consuming.

    Good luck on your goals!! Hope you can reach them.

  2. Happy New Year to you. You are welcome to take a little of our below average cold (okay technically, I guess you need to give us a little of your above average heat), to relieve your little world of your discomfort.

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