Sigh of relief…

Well, the great news has filtered through that the American election has been decided — with Senator Obama coming out the victor — perhaps though, it is not only Obama as the victor, but the country and for a lot of reasons, the world.

I for one, having lived in America during the last 2 years of the Clinton administration and then 2 terms of Bush, am breathing a sigh of relief right now.  I understand that Obama cannot make a huge impact on existing conditions internally in the short term — however I believe that he can set the nation on the right path to pulling itself out of the quagmire that the Bush administration pulled it down into.

Obama’s charisma played a large part in attracting the masses to him — as was his vision, his honesty and above all, his empathy for all around him.  Bush never (in my opinion) had that — well, perhaps a little, but mainly for his rich corporate buddies.

So to America I say — ‘onya!


One thought on “Sigh of relief…

  1. Hmm…well, if people like Obama that’s great. I’m ready to start reaping goodwill from our neighbors around the world. We’re gonna need some help floating this rather large bloulder of debt tied to our ankles. I’m afraid it has eclipsed every problem facing the US to this point.

    How are you anyway? I’m glad to see that your getting settled back in your natural habitat.

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