Ways to get around

Beautiful day here in Brisbane. Going into the city to do some shopping with a friend – I need some female input into what I buy. Sometimes we guys just have to admit that we have not so well developed skills when it comes to dress sense 🙂

So, given we are going into the city I have been planning the best way to get there – which from my apartment in West End is not too difficult to do – if I was feeling energetic (which on a Saturday morning I am not) I could suggest we walk in.

However, the alternative is fine as well – I’ll pop over to pick my friend up ( she lives about 15km away), come back to my place and then catch the 199 bus into the city. It originates from the West End ferry terminal, and eventually winds it’s way through Highgate Hill and West End – and we can get on it just across the road from my place. From there it Is a 5 minute ride into George Street and hundreds of shops await us.

Brisbane has a pretty good transport system, compared to other cities both here and in others I have lived in or visited overseas. I sometimes hear the locals complain about some buses being late, but I think one has to realistic enough to understand that buses have to share the road with everyone else, and we all know what that means – traffic snarls.

I like bus travel – for an extrovert like me, it is like a room full of potential conversations. I have had some great chats to perfect strangers over the years, and also made a couple of friends as well.

So – time to think about getting ready and go get my friend (let’s refer to her as R).

Update to come sometime.


One thought on “Ways to get around

  1. Apparently our transit system is improving in our city. I don’t live there and the freeways are improving so it takes me a much shorter time to cross the city once I get there.

    As for guys and their fashion sense, I was teasing Sirdar yesterday when he dressed for my uncle’s funeral and asked me if his pants and shirt matched. I said they did….surprizingly;-).

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