The passing of time

May 31 was the last time I posted.  Unbelieveable how fast the time passes.  Then again I have been rather busy — work has been a constant challenge to stay up to date, as the organisation I work with undergoes significant ongoing change. 

With a colleague, I went to the mining town of Mt Isa, out in the wilds of Queensland — to deliver training at a local educational facility.  It’s a city of about 25000 people and really is in the middle of nowhere.  I know how many of those not from Australia have this whole fascination with the notion of this wild uncharted territory affectionately called the outback.  Here are some pics for those interested. 

Probably the highlight was when we went looking for the now disused open cut uranium mine called Mary Kathleen.  It was a town of about 1500 people in its heyday, however it was closed down in 1984 — probably as a result of the then Federal Government’s shutting down of uranium mining and export.  The town was sold off lock, stock and barrel and the only sign that there was something there are the overgrown concrete slabs where the houses once stood.

We had to go off-road to find the actual mine, but just on sun down came across it — as the photos will show you.  We had a great time there, including BIG steaks and a few beers to wash away the dust.  Well, that was our excuse and we are sticking to it.

More later….


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