Early morning blog

Well, June 1 — and for some reason I can’t sleep. Normally at 4am I’d be sound asleep, but can’t this morning. So I thought what better opportunity but to blog. But what subject?? I loaded up my RSS reader (NewsFire — a nice little Mac reader I found a while back) and was reminded that it has been some time since I looked at the feeds from the sites I have subscribed to. One that came to mind is the blog of a local organisation called The Map Village Street Editors — which describes itself in this way:

“…a fast-growing independent web news community, dedicated to delivering you comprehensive coverage of the latest offerings in Brisbane and around the globe. From the latest news to the emerging trends, the map village street editors are constantly out and about uncovering all that is relevant from sunrise to sunrise.

The site always has some interesting posts — the latest post highlights an opportunity for those of us out there (I’m not one unfortunately) that have 6 weeks spare to indulge in a volunteer situation which would seem to be too good to be true — but no, if you have some spare time, and happen to think that “working” at a health retreat is up your alley, then head on over to the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat site and apply to join the work experience program. The place looks fantastic, and what a setting!

I’v got iTunes playing in the background — always nice to do that as I type away. I’ve got a core set of songs that I seem to play, so this time I decided to check out ones that I have at some point rated as high in terms of the enjoyment they give me. So I have them playing randomly and I was reminded that I have a multitude of genres available. Got a funky sound happening right now with an artist called Bebel Gilberto, with a number called Simplesmente, from a cd she has released called “Ziriguiboom: The Now Sound of Brazil 2”. I just love music — there’s really not much I won’t listen to — even some Country I’m prepared to sample.

Ahhh…a favourite from some time ago has just made its way to the top of the list — Speak Low, produced by Verve Records on one of many Verve Remixed cds — classic Verve tracks, remixed by contemporary electronic producers and DJs. The series has proven to be very popular, both with fans of the original recordings and with younger generations of music listeners, many of whom are exposed to the classic jazz and blues artists for the first time. Speak Low is a re-mix of the original Billie Holiday track, with Bent, an electronica act from Nottingham in England.

Next — a favourite performer — Beth Orton. I saw her in Pittsburgh in July of 2006, very close to when I left to come home to Australia.

Well, I could natter on about my music for some time — there are after all >3000 songs on the Mac, not to mention close on 100 podcasts to be listened to.

Time for some sleep…..


One thought on “Early morning blog

  1. You know, you are not doing much to denounce the comments made by people (as put in your previous post) saying you are ‘lazy’;-). I must say, I don’t listen much to music, but Sirdar is always reloading his Nano.

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