Activities to see Autumn out

So here it is May 31, the end of my second autumn back in Australia. Nothing like the same time in West Virginia when the Fall was well and truly over and we were bracing ourselves for the approaching winter. Apparently Brisbane does have a winter — a question often heard is “what day is winter this year?”. 🙂

In recognition of the end of May, I had a sleep in — when I eventually surfaced at 9:00am, I realised that the air was somewhat chilly — and of course that reminded me that I left most of my cold weather gear back in the States. Now, I hope none of my work colleagues are reading this — because I am forever throwing off at them for complaining about the “cold weather”….but here I was thinking I needed to go buy some trackie daks and maybe a sloppy joe.

In addition to it being chilly, there was also some rain pouring down (unheard of in Brisbane lately) — so then the quandry occurred to me — did I take my own car out into the rain, or should I con a friend to bring her brand new Honda Civic Hybrid for a spin on the slick roads. The gentleman in me said, no take your own car. However the sensible part of me suggested that the Honda needed some extra road experience, and seeing as it rarely rains, experience today was the obvious choice. So, a quick phone call to my friend and we were soon on the way to Toowong in search of fashion bargains.

Alas the fashion bargains were there — my size wasn’t — yes folks, the girth has increased somewhat since I arrived back. I put that down to the difference in the air — others I believe have made rude suggestions that it is because I am lazy. So begrudingly I wandered out of the KMart mens fashion centre and headed to the place that all males like to hang out in — the electrical department. 🙂

Now if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I am a fairly honest kind of bloke — however, last night I experimented with the much used art of DVD ripping. I happened across some software that allows me to make legitimate copies of personally purchased DVDs — I see it as a providing a back-up service to movie companies, and I am sure there are many others out there in cyberland who are providing that exact service. So I needed to pick up some larger capacity blank DVDs — so with the help of Gen Y associate, I was able to ascertain ways to make the dvd ripped copy fit on the 4GB disks that I had. So he saved me some money. However, I did need a DVD player for the TV, so I picked up a good deal on a Sony, though I did have to haggle with the woman in charge — and as any male knows, that’s just about impossible. 🙂

More on another day…..


One thought on “Activities to see Autumn out

  1. Such adventures. I must say, the girth problem escapes few, and there is always a legitimate reason. Good to get road experience in the rain, no telling when it might rain again. Thanks for the chuckle.

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