The value of good friends

Well, it was my 51st birthday on Wednesday — and I took the day off to relax and get some things done that have been put off of late.  Even managed to get my ears lowered.  🙂

In my family, there wasn’t ever much emphasis put on birthdays — not sure why, but there just wasn’t.  As an adult that changed a little and I would usually get a nice gift from my wife and in-laws.

Since I moved back to Brisbane I have been slowly meeting new people.  I’ve got a couple of close friends and it’s helped having them for me to settle back into the Aussie way of life after my time in the USA.  Sometimes I think we forget about the value of a good friendship — I had dinner with 2 of my close friends here and they literally showered me with gifts.  But it wasn’t just the physical items — it was that unbridled enthusiasm that they had for wanting to have a good time to celebrate the birth of me.  Little old me.

Then I checked my mailbox and there were 3 cards from friends locally and in other states; a check of my email box saw one from my sister who lives out of the country, my ex-wife, as well as a couple of people I had worked with back in the US.  Each one of those people had taken the time and effort to remember me and that felt pretty darn good.

So today I celebrate having great friendships — as they say, you can’t pick your family, but you can your friends.  I am thankful of those people who are happy to share life with me.

With that, I’m off to work.  TGIF!  🙂


3 thoughts on “The value of good friends

  1. Happy Birthday! Since I never knew when your birthday was when you lived across the street from me in the US, don’t think of this as a late birthday wish. Think of it more like a really early birthday wish for next year. 🙂 Cool blog, btw. Sorry I’ve missed you online a couple of times now. Things are crazy here. Nan is about to graduate in a few weeks and we’re moving about an hour south of here where her new job is. I’ll get to keep my job since most of it can be done over the net, but I’ll still commute back to the office a few times a month just to keep “in the loop” there. Anyway, this is getting a little wordy for a blog comment but it was more fun than an email. Catch you later!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday. I think it is great to have wonderful friends who remember you at times that are important. In our family birthdays were a big deal in the immediate family in that we got a cake, but we didn’t get a birthday party every year or celebrate with extended family. Sirdar’s family is the opposite. It was a tough thing for both of us. He thinks every birthday should be a big party and I don’t think people should be mandated to celebrate everyone’s birthday every year from birth to death. I am not disappointed when my birthday comes and goes with a couple well wishes a gift or not and a card or not. I have not great expectations, but like you, when the well wishes pour in and someone does something special for little old me, it feels awesome. I hope we brought our kids up with balance with the compromises over the years.

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