Being a web 2.0 citizen

Every day I get an email in from Digital Inspiration and today’s had a great link to a post that someone put up showing a graphical look at the path that a citizen of Web 2.0 might traverse.  Check it out here. I think I’m between levels 3 and 4.  What it did do was remind me of all of the things I have experimented with over the years…flickr, myspace, facebook (which I don’t really enjoy), delicious, wikis, linkedin, to name but a few.  At work recently I was showing  a colleague a wiki that I have been building, and got to talking about virtual worlds that I’ve also been involved with over the years.  He had absolutely no idea what I was talking about, and gave me the “geek look”.  You know, I don’t mind being a geek, if that means I get to try technology out.  🙂


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