What is bliss?

Each morning when I get up I log into my computer and read a posting at one of the many blogs I have subscribed to. I find it quite a relaxing way to start the day — to read about what someone else did for the day; or a thought they had etc.

This morning I picked a blog called “at home with the farmer’s wife” and scrolled down to read a posting simply titled “sweet nothings”. I’ve pasted it below because I think it really strikes a note with me today, as she comments about the life a pig has and how it chooses to be happy, and the message for we humans:

My goal this morning was to make you smile and to get you thinking about “bliss”.

The dictionary says it means joy, rapture or ecstasy and as in many things those words are woefully inadequate to describe bliss.

Nowhere in the dictionary do I see any reference to it’s fleeting nature, or that bliss is as individual as a fingerprint. For me bliss comes in moments not in hours. It’s like jumpin in the air and experiencing that split second when you’re weightless, the moment before gravity snatches you and brings you back to earth.

Chickens are noisy and gossipy, roosters are mean and turkeys are as dumb as rocks, but pigs……pigs have a certain quality I’ll call “dumb goofy”. It’s as if they’re blissfully unaware of their situation. They live in dirt, bathe in slurry and love to eat other people’s garbage. But their dumb goofy nature doesn’t realize that any of these things might be undesirable. And in life I’ve met some dumb-goofy people who were happy in some pretty trying circumstances.

But I think the pigs and the dumb-goofy people are on to something. Basically what they’re saying is, I choose to be happy. It’s a choice, everyday, whether we’re going to let really insignificant things chink away at us. You need to clear your plate of worry which will leave you open to living in the moment and snatching some bliss of your own.

And look, the pigs have found some bliss outside their comfort zone. They’ve taken a cool shower and are resting in a fresh bed of wood chips. In an hour they’ll be strutting their stuff on stage. But for now they’re weightless and waiting for gravity to do it’s thing.

Included in the post is a photo of the pigs — and the smile on the face of one of them really does give one the feeling of bliss — that is just priceless. I know that I myself have been trying to live by this belief — choose to be happy and let the niggly stuff go. God knows there’s plenty of annoying stuff out there — but at the same time, there’s a whole lot more available to help one travel along in a much happier place. Have a blissful day!


2 thoughts on “What is bliss?

  1. What a great message. I think for some people get more this way as the age, and others go completely the opposite. This explains why there are wonderful happy, uplifting seniors and crotchety old people. The character people develop from young on up, shows through more as they age and don’t care what others think. It is just more proof that developing good character is important.

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