Call to action

So, I just remembered that today, October 15 is Blog Action Day, where bloggers the world over post to their blogs articles relating to the environment. So, in the time remaining on this day I am thinking about the environment and what it is that I have done to help reduce the stresses on our planet. One thing I have done is to purposely not buy a car, preferring instead to walk or use Brisbane’s excellent public transport. Sure, there are times when it would be convenient to have a car to go down to the store, but I can achieve the same result by getting out on my legs. In my mind, it is all about caring. I’ve also joined a community group called SOWN (Save Our Waterways Now) whose aim it is to work to restore the habitats of creeks and waterways in the catchments of Enoggera, Ithaca and Fish Creeks in Brisbane’s north and west.

I purposely don’t use the air conditioner at home, instead choosing to open the windows — good for the environment and also for humans.

So…anyone who comes across this post — what, if anything, have you done to make your mark environmentally?


3 thoughts on “Call to action

  1. Uhhh…we recycle all our plastics, metals, and papers. Can’t think of anything else at the moment. To get away from using a car would mean I would have to move. The nearest town is 10 minutes away.

  2. You know, I can’t think of much besides putting much of our garbage into a recycling bin. I do use the energy saver light bulbs and turn off extraneous lights/tv/radios/etc. I keep the air conditioning and/or furnace at the bare minimum settings. I don’t waste water. But most of that is to save money. I don’t think of it as an environmental thing. Hmm. Much to think about.

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