Re-establishing relationships

Saturday Sept 8.

I’ve been wanting to catch up with N, the son of a good friend, for some time now. Last weekend we were going to meet up at the West End markets, but he went to Newcastle with a better offer — free tickets (including flight & accom) to a Silverchair concert. Who would blame him. So we had planned on doing it yesterday, however a trip to the Dr on Friday meant I had a sore toe with orders to stay off my feet for as much of the weekend as possible….had been looking forward to those markets and the catch up.

So N insisted on coming to pick me up and we went and had a meal at the Krishna’s Cafe, which serves pure Hare Krishna food. I like their ideals…followers of Hare Krishna believe that the food they serve is good for the body, soul and consciousness. The meals are pure vegetarian and vegan meals, so they are free of eggs, meat, onion and garlic, the latter two of which increase the mood of passion in the body.

The food was incredible — rice, vegetable curries (chickpea, spinach, tomato and potato curry), dahl, papadums and vegetable kofta; a dessert called halva (a semolina pudding served with custard); rounded off with a delicious and refreshing homemade lemon, mint and ginger drink. If you were still hungry, seconds or thirds were all included in the small sum of $8. I can’t recall the name of the man who served us, but he had an infectious smile, very welcoming and happy that others were enjoying his food. N has been there a few times before, and I know he wants to become a fully fledged vegetarian, and is intent on learning how to cook the food we had. If I could eat this food every day, I think I too could become a vegetarian….trouble is I’d have to give up the sausage rolls, and those things are to die for! Still, this is something I have been considering for some time, so maybe in the not too distant future I can consider that.

It was good to catch up with N. I have known him all of his life, right from when he was born. When I lived overseas, we chatted occasionally over IM, and when I came back was determined to establish the relationship with him again. Well, what a wonderful young man he turned out to be — 22 years old with such a caring nature. He has so many dreams and desire to do good in the world, and I can only see good things ahead for him. I’ve missed almost 10 years of his life, but am so happy now to have come back into it.


2 thoughts on “Re-establishing relationships

  1. It sounds like a really good meal. I would be hard pressed to cook without onions or garlic, they are a staple in our home. Like Sirdar said, it would be tough here. He didn’t mention, but you probably already know, that we do some farm stuff with my family so we have farm chickens, turkeys, beef, eggs and milk. A little hard to pull out of deal like that unless their was a health issue.

    You have to do what works for you, but mmm…sausage rolls, may be a tough one.

  2. Its awesome that you maintained that relationship over the years. Now that you are back in Oz you can continue the relationship in person instead of IM.

    As for the Hare Krishna, I really don’t know much about them. They seem to be peaceful but I don’t know why. Hey…if they are happy, I’m happy for them.

    Going vegetarian would be pretty hard for me. It could be because I was raised by a butcher. I live in Alberta. Alberta is known for its beef. I don’t think I could do it unless I had to. And the only reason I’d have to is if a Doctor told me to. I’m generally pretty healthy so I can’t see that happening soon.

    But, if you want to go vegetarian…hope you find it to be better than what you expect.

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