Make a Stand for the Environment

Ok, so most of us have enough matter between our ears to know that the environment is struggling right now, with some unfortunate consequences ahead if we as a race continue to turn a blind eye — well, not everyone is turning a blind eye, but enough of the people with power are. With that in mind, a group of Aussies have come up with an idea where they are asking bloggers around the world to participate in Blog Action Day. As of right now over almost 1000 blogs have been signed up, including this little one. It doesn’t matter if you blog for fun or it is a business venture for you — if you care about the environment and want to say something about it, you can have your chance on October 15.

Spread the word!

Blog Action Day


2 thoughts on “Make a Stand for the Environment

  1. Hey, I like the new look of your blog. Yeah, we are on vacation, and I am commenting on the look of you page, but it is because I am relaxing. My friend isn’t here right now, and the men are playing fooseball.

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