The day wakes up

Well, this week I am officially unemployed — my choice, because I applied for a position, got it and now have a week in between leaving my previous and starting my new one.  So I have the liberty of blogging when others are going to work.  If I could just work out some way to do this for a living — quite nice to sit and do something pleasurable for “work”.  

Well, back to reality I guess.  I think this new position will hold some more interesting aspects compared to the previous one, which was intense paper warfare — there was nothing to motivate one, just a bunch of ever growing deadlines. I will miss the student contact however — well, most of the students — some of them can be very good at manipulating the truth.  So to the title of this blog —  I woke around 6am, and just lay there and listened.  It is quite interesting to hear how the world wakes. I left the window open in my bedroom last night — supposedly it is winter, however mother nature seems to think otherwise, with quite warm temperatures yesterday and into the night.  It felt good to have the fresh air coming in.  I live in a fairly wooded area of Brisbane, so having the window open meant that this morning I woke to a shaded landscape, not yet touched by the rising sun.  Particularly noticeable was the sound of the kookaburras — if you’re not familiar, imagine a bunch of birds laughing in unison.  It is a distinctive sound, and as a kid our parents used to tell us that the ‘burras were laughing at us.  To this day I still remember that.  

Also amongst the plethora of sounds, I can hear the parrots that are everywhere, plus the occasional crow making its presence felt.  As the sun rose and the time moved on, the pattern of sounds changed from nature to human created — ahh yes, the sound of the University traffic.  I live on a shortcut for many headed up the hill to the University of Queensland, so the buildup started early, at around 6:45am.  But there are other sounds as well — someone close by must be doing some renovation, because I can hear the sound of nails being hammered, wood sawed, and paint going on a wall (nah — just joking with that one — my powers of hearing aren’t that well defined – not after having attended so many loud concerts over the years). Now there’s a butcher bird outside my window — it’s like living in a rainforest here, except that there’s a major road only a few metres away.  

More later… 


One thought on “The day wakes up

  1. I remember the song we sung as kids even here in Canada: Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, eating all the gumdrops he can see, laugh kookaburra, laugh kookaburra, save some gum for me. I think I got it right or pretty close anyway. It has been many many years since it was required singing in 3rd and 4th grade.

    Hope you enjoy your new job. Maybe we will see a couple more posts this week.

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