Favourite things

I’ve been reading the nightly email I get in from the Seattle Times — it’s a great newspaper, and holds a little more interest for me because I visited Seattle on my last trip in the USA in May 2006, a couple of months before heading home to Australia . The area surrounding Seattle is rich in scenery and traditions, like all places on this earth. One of the sections I enjoy reading is called “A Few of My Favorite Things”, which locals write in to highlight their favourite place relating to the topic, which this week is “favorite movie theaters“.

So, I got to thinking about some of favourite things. Probably my favourite place to get ice-cream is a family owned business called Sarris Candies, located in Canonsburg, a small town south of Pittsburgh. The history of the business is worth reading, and a visit recommended if you like chocolate, candies, and best of all, ice-cream. It has an ice-cream parlour set up inside the store — so, if you’re ever on a drive from Pittsburgh, headed to perhaps North Carolina (it’s on the main route south) head on over to Sarris. It’s in a sleepy little town, also known as the birthplace of Perry Como. I was just reading about the history of Canonsburg — and what an interesting story it is — I’m a bit of a history buff, and love to read up on how places came to be. If you’re interested, check out this link.

A favourite place to see a concert, with just a couple of hundred others, for me undoubtedly would be a place called Mr Small’s. At first glance, it’s in an odd location. In another small town outside of Pittsburgh, in what was an old, dis-used church, has risen an entertainment venue with a feeling of intimacy – you are so close to the performers that it’s like sitting and talking to them. They primarily attract up and coming artists, though occasionally there are some headline acts as well. I was lucky (I think) to see Beth Orton there — great performance. Not content to just have live bands, the owners have also built a state-of-the-art recording facility, as well as a skatepark, and renovated rooms geared toward the visiting performers.

Fish and chips — yum! I’ve heard people I work with raving about a local fish and chip place called A Salt and Battery — so I checked out their offerings this afternoon, and wasn’t disappointed. Great chips especially! It probably is the best place I’ve come across in a while, though if you ever want the best shrimpburger in the world, get yourself to the Big Oak Drivein, located on the main road on a narrow stretch of land called the Emerald Isle, North Carolina. In what looks like it could have been a diner at some point, the place is a local hangout — they almost need a traffic cop to control the throngs of cars that descend on the place from opening to close.

Well, all this talk of fish, chips and shrimp has made me a little peckish…so I will end off here and maybe go see what I can rustle up in the kitchen.


3 thoughts on “Favourite things

  1. Welcome back!! I would imagine that if a person thought about a list of favourite things it would make a person think pretty hard because the answers are not always black and white. Like Dawn, I might do that for a post one day.

  2. The list of favourite places is a good idea. Got me to thinking about my favourite places and what it is that makes them my favourite place. I will keep it in mind for a future post. Glad your back.

  3. I should do a list of my favorite places, I have a few in mind. Places that will forever shape my life, thoughts, tastes, ideas. 🙂 Have a good day.

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