Off line for a while

Well, I hate to admit it, but something is wrong with the MacBook. Actually, it’s been driving me insane these past few weeks — I use a bluetooth mouse, so when the bluetooth started to come and go, it meant having to use the built in mouse which I’m not so keen on. It’s the weirdest thing — for days at a time it just won’t exist as far as the operating system is concerned, and then all of a sudden (like now) it will re-appear. There has been some talk about it in the Apple support forums, but the Apple customer service guy I spoke to on Sunday had no knowledge of anything like that. I suggested he read the Apple forums, but he didn’t think that was such a good idea — makes me mad that attitude (though I know he is probably following company policy) — because the Apple forums are where users talk about issues.

I just got it set up as a desktop/laptop combination, and most times when using the MacBook at home, have the lid shut and use the external keyboard, the mouse, and the nice new 20″ Apple Cinema monitor….that monitor was a little pricey, but it is so sweet! πŸ™‚

So tomorrow I take my prized possession to the local Apple agent and they’ll replace the bluetooth module — who knows how long that will take. The service guy said they needed to order it in but wasn’t sure how long that would involve. So, for the time being I will be offline, unless I decide to wander to the local library. Of course I can still read a blog or two at work, but it’s a busy time right now, so probably shouldn’t be slacking off when there’s stuff to do.

So…will be back at some time in the future I guess. Be good! πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Off line for a while

  1. man I hate those kind of PC problems. I had a usb port on my laptop that would not pick up anything except one flash key I have. I couldnt put any other device in the port. finally I found a driver verifier that fixed it. still it was one annoying problem.

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