I’m in a blogging mood…

I shouldn’t be on this right now, because I have to go to work. But I decided to catch the later bus, so now I have 15 minutes to write about something that just came to mind. I visited one of the blogs on Sirdar’s blog roll, A Spot of T, and there she has a comment about one of the featured sites at WordPress. I agree with her — some of them are great, some not so. But the one she talks about is fantastic — Reusable Bags deals with the ever growing problem of plastic bags. It was good to read that San Francisco has decided to ban large supermarkets from offering them to customers (I hope eventually that includes all stores). Here in Australia there’s a great trend to people using cloth bags — the two larger supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths, have their own bags, each version proudly stamped with an environmental message. It’s a common sight now to see people carrying them around, and so much easier to load your groceries into them than getting plastic ones. My guess is the plastic bag manufacturers aren’t too keen on the trend however.

It reminded me of something I discovered during a trip to Italy a few years ago. I went into a supermarket in Trento and when I got to the checkout, discovered that if I wanted plastic bags instead of the standard paper ones (and who would choose plastic over paper anyway?) I would have to pay for them. This was their way to try and encourage shoppers to do the right thing by the environment.

Well, my 15 minutes is coming to an end — better think about going to work. I know what I would rather be doing. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’m in a blogging mood…

  1. Theres a plastic bag now that is made from corn (what isn’t anymore), you are encouraged to put it in the compost pile and in 36 days its actually perfect filler for potting soil. Its kinda cool but hasn’t caught on in stores yet.

  2. I agree we really need to encourage the use of fabric reusable bags in America, can you believe it’s hard to find good paper bags here! Most stores just give you plastic ones. I always re-use my plastic bags for trash bags but I know this is not the answer. Fabric bags would also be great advertising tools! Besides it’s not cool to see those pesky plastic bags floating around the neighborhood all the time, they are everywhere you go. I know too, paper bags are not the answer but they do decompose and recycle better etc. Ah well, we American’s need to change alot of things. Fun post.

  3. I’ll be checking Joy’s blog soon but you were the first on the RSS feed today 🙂

    At Superstore we have to pay for bags too. They encourage you to buy the thicker reusable for which we have a number of them….usually forgetting to bring them in with us. We also have a number of cloth bags for shopping…again usually forgetting to bring them in with us.

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