Early morning sights

Well, I just got back from the morning visit to feed the chooks and cat. I went up at 6:30am just as the sun was starting to show. Considering it is winter, I was quite comfortable in my shorts and t-shirt. Such a difference from the West Virginia winters I loved.

Anyway, as I headed up the short walk, I came across quite a few people who were out walking — be it for exercise or perhaps just to enjoy the fresh morning air. Friendly bunch as well, which is always a pleasant touch. I say that because one thing I have noticed since moving back is that Australians (and I know I shouldn’t generalise) don’t seem to be as friendly as I remember back before I left in 1998. Maybe it is because I lived in a society where it is considered good manners to say hello and smile, which Americans do tend to live by. I know that some Aussies suggest that it’s all fake, this American “have a nice day”, but to be honest, I think they really are wishing you that. I think I am a good judge of character and I never really got the feeling that it was being said for the sake of making me feel good — it was more a wishing me a good day or evening etc.

Okay, back to the sights I saw this morning. As I approached the front gate, I could see something sitting on the letter box — not junk mail, something more significant than a pile of paper. It was a sulphur crested cockatoo, and it was just sitting there looking at me. It must be a local because it seemed tamer than perhaps one might expect. It didn’t get agitated as I came nearer, though I did tread softly so as not to upset it. It was after all, there first. So that was a good sight to come across. πŸ™‚

Next, as I entered the house there was a rather large spider making its way out the door — and let me tell you, I didn’t stop to say hello, I was happy to leave it go on its way. I don’t know what type it was, and I hoped like hell that there weren’t any of its family or friends in the house. I’m not a huge fan of spiders and all things crawly, but if you live in Australia, you do have to get used to coming across them on a regular basis.

So I survived that encounter and next task was to feed the kids. Galore, this rather large persian cat was sitting impatiently on the window sill outside the kitchen. As soon as she spotted me, I heard a “thump” and then her bell. I assume that was her jumping from the window sill to the floor. As I opened the door she made a beeline for the plate her food is dished out on. But, alas I hadn’t filled it, so she gave me *the* look. Suffice to say she was happy once the plate was filled. The chooks were happy to see me as well, though I believe it was for the feed in the container more than for my company. One egg had been laid since yesterday afternoon.

Out of the pen and just as I was about to walk back upstairs, this bush turkey came rushing around the corner — gave me quite a fright. There seems to be a flock (is that what you call a group of bush turkeys?) of them living in the neighbourhood. You can tell when they have been around, because your garden will be disturbed — they like to scratch and look for insects. They are quite friendly and seem undeterred by human presence.

So — that was my morning experience — many sights. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Early morning sights

  1. That cockatoo looks beautiful. Too bad we don’t have them here…except in a cage.

    The friendly thing…I’ve heard from people who move here from down east that they are shocked at how friendly we are. They say they go for walks and people who pass them say HI or something nice and they tell me that never happens where they came from. Americans are generally very friendly people. I think Canadians are much that way too…but I can’t really say for sure because I am one so that might be considered a biased opinion. It is just too bad that the American politicians are not so nice…

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