Refreshing sounds

I’ve been relaxing and watching nothing too exciting on the idiot box just now. I saw something that reminded me of when I was a kid growing up in semi-rural Queensland. That got me to thinking about the old days, those ones when it seemed so less complicated. Maybe kids don’t feel the pressure that I envisage them to be experiencing? But back to my title tonight — refreshing sounds.

Friends of mine have gone to Vancouver for a conference (actually, I think it’s just a good excuse to go touring) and I am taking care of their “kids” while they are gone. The kids consist of 4 chooks (for those unsure, that means chickens) and a persian cat called Galore. So this morning, when I was dragging myself out of bed, I could hear them clucking up in their pen. My friends live two doors up the street, and on a quiet Saturday morning you can hear just about any noise. That sound brought back those boyhood memories of when I lived in the burbs of Toowoomba, and our own bunch of chooks would be making that same sound of a morning. It was like a greeting and also a demand for food. It was a good feeling. So up I went to be met by Galore at the door waiting for her tucker. The chooks like to come out of their pen and scratch around the back yard — good to keep the pests at bay as well as giving them some freedom to wander, but not too much freedom, as I didn’t want to be chasing them around the neighbourhood. So as the kids were feeding and exercising, I made a cuppa and sat and enjoyed the nature and the early morning. Once again, I drifted back to some 40 years ago as a kid.

That was a great memory.

So now, the family I live with are bringing back another one for me. You may or may not know that I live with a family recently arrived from China, and it’s been a learning experience for all of us — as they adapt to life in Australia and as I adapt to the “interesting” cooking smells and of course, a language I neither speak nor understand. The memory — is that they are standing around the piano and singing songs — Bao Guang (dad) plays the piano so well — and has never had a lesson, nor does he read music — it’s all by ear and memory. So right now they (Bao Guang, Kaye (mum) and their 2 boys, Daniel and William) are singing the songs from the Sound of Music. The memory for me is of old times, back when TV was just new and the entertainment options of today just weren’t around. It reminded me of when my grandparents would have us down at their place and they would turn the radio on to listen to a favourite program. The enjoyment that families had as they did activities together.

Good memories 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Refreshing sounds

  1. “Chooks” was one of the words I used to stymie kids at school in the US. On Australia Day I would go in to the school my kids were at and do a little talk. I would always have a few words up my sleeve they didn’t know and get them to guess the meaning.

  2. Sirdar: yes, I live in town — in the leafy suburb of St Lucia, which is where the University of Queensland is also located. It’s about a 10 minute bus ride to the city centre. You are allowed to have a certain number of chooks in the city…it’s an old tradition I think.

  3. Sounds like great memories. I was trying to think of something similar from my childhood and came up with a few. It is great to have those memories…especially at our age 🙂

    Do you live in town? If so I am surprised they allow you to have chickens in town. Here in Canada I don’t think that would be allowed. Out on the acreage where I live there would be no problem.

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