Goodbye my friend…you’ll be missed.

Tonight I’ve been sitting and reminiscing about times spent with a dear sweet man who passed away today, after a relatively short but hard fought battle with cancer.  Jack lived next door to me and there are many things that I wish I could have told him — it has been hard to do that separated by so much distance now that I have moved back to Australia, though I did send him a number of cards and notes over the past few months that should have given him a glimpse of what I thought of him.  I’m lost for words right now and will leave this post for the time being.

RIP Jack.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye my friend…you’ll be missed.

  1. My sympathies extend, as well. Take comfort in the idea that your friend knows now how much you cared about him, even if he didn’t know before. Your good energy is almost certainly received.

  2. Kim,
    Sorry to hear that your friend died. I remember a post about Jack and how much he meant to you. Cancer is such a wicked disease. We can only hope that one day they can find a cure. Take care!!

  3. Sry to hear about that… I will hoist a beer in his and your honor. (its a tradition in my family to drink in honor of a passing)

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