So, here it is Good Friday in Australia. If you’re a religious person, then Happy Easter. If you’re not, then Happy Spring if you are in the northern hemisphere; if in the southern, then Happy Hot Day. 🙂

Most workers (apart from the usual essential services people) have the day off, and most of the stores are closed. It’s the same on Monday. So, I get a 4 day weekend which is quite nice I must admit. Today I am doing absolutely nothing — apart from getting some emails up to date, posting this blog, and maybe even posting to my wordpress blog. It’ll be a hot day here (seems to be like that every day lately) so I’ll no doubt be looking for somewhere cool.

So, at this time of the year people reflect on things that affect them and their surroundings. For me, Easter was always a time to be thankful and a chance to think about the future. Lately I have been trying to do things for others, because that’s what does it for me. Money and material goods don’t give me the blast that I get from volunteering etc. A couple of weekends ago I attended the national conference of Amnesty International Australia, which was held just up the road at my workplace, the University of Queensland. It felt good to be interacting with people who shared similar concerns about human injustice and suffering. I came away with hope for the world, something that escapes me a lot when I see the idiocy of the Iraq war, the Bush regime etc.

I also joined an organisation here called SOWN — Save Our Waterways Now. It’s a local, community-driven organisation that is very mindful of the importance of the environment, in particular the waterways, which, if you know anything about the environmental situation in Australia, is a very important issue. So, sometime soon I am joining people from all walks of life, young, not so young (my group LOL) and heading down to one of the local creeks and planting some trees…a way to stop erosion and beautify the landscape.

Well….I think I’ve got my message across…be mindful of others, and protect your environment….


2 thoughts on “Reflections…

  1. Odd…this didn’t show up on my Sage reader until today.

    Anyway, we don’t do much for Easter. My wife is religious but she is anti Easter. Long story. We had family dinners at my parent’s place and then at her sisters place. It was nice but wish I had 4 days off instead of the usual 3.

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