Human adaptability…

I was thinking today how adaptable we humans can be. For example, when I moved to the USA, and encountered my first taste of cold weather I wondered how I would ever survive the winters. Trying not to slip over and embarrass oneself; trying to stay out of harm’s way on slippery roads; remembering to put the beanie and gloves on…but in time I got to enjoy everything that came with winter — tobogganing with the local kids, making my first snow angel, scoring a direct hit with a snowball, taking my basset hound for a walk during a snowstorm. All these things seemed so foreign to an Aussie from the tropics, but it didn’t take long for me to start to look forward to the winters. My neighbours I am sure had a giggle during the first snowstorm of the winter — because the beauty associated with snow, trees and structures was such for me that I ran around taking photos galore.  Call me crazy! 🙂

So, tonight I decided to relax and blog for a while. I’m sitting in a recliner chair, with a beautiful breeze coming in through the screen door. It was a hot day here and the breeze is a nice surprise. I live with a Chinese family and their 2 boys are upstairs with me as I type — they’re watching Scooby Doo with the sound up fairly loud; I have my headset on listening to Enigma; downstairs Bao Guang is playing the piano and singing a traditional Chinese song. Yes sir, this household is all about adapting to various lifestyles.

Gotta love diversity.


3 thoughts on “Human adaptability…

  1. I remember making my first snow angel. I also took heaps of photos in the US – the school bus, for instance – and got lots of weird looks. I felt quilt japanese 🙂

  2. You know…I always say that I wouldn’t mind trying “winter” without cold and snow. Last year we didn’t have snow until March which is not normal. This year the snow started in October and hasn’t left and it is still cold….-22˚C this morning.
    Oh well…now that my company was taken over by and Australian company, maybe we get to go to Sydney for training 😉 That would be awesome….but probably not reality.

  3. I find myself adapting to new things, places, people, circumstances, homes, cars, pets…etc. all the time, at least on a monthly basis. Your post reminds me how much my own life has “adapted” over these past few years even. I have noticed in my short life so far that many folks avoid these changes at all costs but I thrive in truth on them. Always changing, always looking forward, I can never go back. I am only 35 but I feel as though I have lived much. I need to remind myself of the many years ahead and look forward to that. Right?

    Can you send some of your warm weather my way. 😉 After that deep winter freeze I am ready for some springness. Have a good day tomorrow and so forth. ^_^

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