Creature of habit…not always a good thing.

Amazing…I seem to fall into the same routines. For example, my blogging — I started blogging quite a few years ago as a part of a project I was working on in my Masters program (educational technology). I had created an online class and wanted to incorporate some “cutting edge” technology into the curriculum. Blogging was not well known by the masses (unlike now) but because I dabbled with technology I certainly could see a use for the technique. So, I signed up for a blogger account and lo and behold my first blog was born. It worked quite well actually, and I was rewarded for my hard work at the end of the semester with an A+.

But I digress…the point I am trying to get across is that I became enthusiastic about the technology, and really got into the whole idea of interaction over the web. But somehow, I managed to lose my touch with the blogging and the results of my enthusiastic efforts sat on a server for almost 2 years. Then somehow I got in touch with that inquisitive, creative side of me that comes and goes constantly, and I was back blogging.

This time it was to document some of my experiences of living in the USA. I found it quite theraputic — quite often I would sit in the my fav coffee hangout and blog for hours at a time. There’s something peaceful (for me anyway) associated with sitting and enjoying the morning with people coming in to fill up with some coffee or tea, especially on a cold winter’s morning. Those memories flood into my consciousness at times — especially of late, with the hot and steamy weather we have been experiencing.

So, the blogging continued for some time, but when I looked at the blog just now, I again was reminded of how on and off I am — how I get off the track so easily, by the fact that my last post to it was in March of 2006. Admittedly, 2006 was a tough year, with lots of personal issues to deal with and eventually, a move around the world again. I started blogging again and I am sure I mentioned in that first post my intention (desire) to post more regularly. Not to be!

So…I decided tonight that it was time I got serious with this blogging — I religiously read my fav blogs each evening, my way of relaxing. I read the thoughts of Sirdar, Bravus and others…and I get so much enjoyment from them.

So…stay tuned for more regular posting (hopefully). 🙂


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