Friday early evening here and I felt the need to post something — been a while since I posted something here. I spend so much of my time reading my fav blogs, and never get back to my own. I like blogs — the chance to see life through another person’s eyes and fingers. I have come across some really interesting ones of late…but more about them later. For now I want to stick to the subject that is close to my heart right now…friends and their impact.

Since I moved back, I’ve come to realise the value of friendships, be they local or spread around the world — which mine tend to be. I received word a couple of days ago that a good friend of mine, back in the USA, has been diagnosed with cancer, and it is in the serious stage. This really knocked me around — Jack is this giant of a man, but as friendly and generous as can be, and not much older than me. In the time that I knew him (when I lived next door to him), he and I became good friends — we’d joke about some of the local “characters” (aka the busy bodies); we’d challenge each other to mow the grass faster and better; when it was time to shovel the snow, we’d always share a smile and work as a team. I shared many an hour with Jack on my days off, when his Aunt would twist my arm and force me over for a cup of coffee with her and Jack, both of whom became like family to me. It indeed was a difficult task the day I had to say goodbye — but thankfully I have been able to maintain that contact, though I still miss those times I shared with them both. You’re constantly in my thoughts, Jack!!

Friends…real friends are hard to come by. I’ve had many people come and go in my life — but few that I consider close enough to share my hopes, dreams and disappointments with. Today I received a call from my best friend ever — Donna, who lives some distance from me in southern Australia. I met Donna back in 1990 on my trip to Europe and we just clicked — we’ve been great friends ever since. She has the best sense of humour, and I’m guaranteed a lot of laughs when she’s on the line. At the same time, I can talk to her about the issues worrying me, about the future etc. She is attentive, she listens and she offers her thoughts and advice. That’s the sign of a close friend — one who makes an effort, shows empathy, and hangs in for the long term. Thanks Donna — you’re a treasure!

As I think about people who have been there for me, who continue to be so, my mind comes to Eleanor. It’s hard to describe her — let’s just say that Eleanor is this hard working person who came into my life when I moved to Madison Avenue, and who impressed me with her energy, in looking after her own children, her Mom and Dad, and her extended family. She not only does that, but she also reaches out into the community to help those less fortunate. Eleanor and her husband Jim had a HUGE battle with the education department relating to educational opportunities for their daughter, and they did so with professionalism, never resorting to the dirty tactics that the department did.

Eleanor was always there when I needed someone to talk to about issues going on in my life. Thankfully I was able to help her out with some IT skills, so I felt it was not all take, more that it was give and take, a sharing of energies. Even now, with everything associated with Jack’s health challenges, Eleanor still found time to email me and say she was thinking about me. That, in my mind, is the sign of a true friend, and I am lucky to have her in my life. Thank you Eleanor — from the bottom of my heart.

Of course there is one other person, and that person (if reading this blog) knows who I mean. I won’t go any further except to say that she was perhaps the only person who really knew me — who really understood me and I am saddened not to be in her daily life. Enough said. *sigh*

Time to post these thoughts. More later about some of my favourite blogs…..


2 thoughts on “Friendships….

  1. Kim I only wish I could have been mentioned among these closest of your friends. To much time wasted on pride I suppose.



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