Love the snow!

Originally uploaded by ausurfer.

This photo reminds me that it will soon be time for the residents of Madison Avenue to retrieve the snow shovels from the garage and get ready for some decent snowfall. That kind of weather is Lou Lou’s favourite, a time when she gets out and romps in the snowdrifts. Ya gotta love seeing a low to the ground basset hound doing that. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Love the snow!

  1. I guess down in Australia you’re getting ready for the summer… up here in Canada we’re just counting the days until it’s time to dig out the snowboots. But it definitely is fun walking my dog through the snowbanks!

  2. Yes, it’s almost that time here too in Northern Kentucky. My doggie loves the snow too. She has! to venture outside for a walk each day. ^_^ I am sure Lou Lou misses you too.

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