Moved on – reflections post-USA

Well here it is close on the end of September and I am writing this post from the other side of the world, having left the USA on August 24, and arriving in Australia on August 26. I suppose I should have posted before I left, but there was too much going on to – so my apologies to anyone who has been taken surprise by the contents of this post.

The months leading up to the move were quite traumatic, for various reasons, most of which I won’t go into here. Suffice to say that I had mixed feelings about leaving, and whilst the destination was going to be Australia, it was difficult to move back having been immersed in the culture of the USA for just over 8 years. Sure, there were things about the culture that I struggled with (or perhaps it was more the political situation that impacted me), but this had been my home for a long period of time, and I was going to be missing a lot.

Relecting back to the years spent there — so much runs through my mind:

  • the little piece of tranquility we created out of nothing –> the near-on 100 year-old house we bought one weekend, knowing little about the neighbourhood, but soon realising the potential it had. Building a fence and mapping out the gardens, which would eventually resemble an English-country garden, full of colour, perfumes, birds, butterflies and squirrels
  • the feeling of being in a neighbourhood community — we moved in not knowing much about the First Ward, but soon came to appreciate the value of generations of families living close to one another. Our dear neighbours, Barbara & Ed, and their extended family soon made us a part of that same family. Over the years we laughed and cried with them as various events affected us all. Barbara became like the mother I never had, and it was indeed painful to have to say goodbye to her on August 23.
  • my much loved (and missed) basset hound — Lou Lou. She had to stay in the USA, that was her home and she was too old to travel even if that was an option (which it was not).
  • to be continued…

4 thoughts on “Moved on – reflections post-USA

  1. hi Kraus Tin… i like it that way. like you’re germany’s answer to tintin.
    will have some catching up to do as i’ve found your blog too late to see how you were coping in the u.s.

  2. Hi Becka — yes, was very hard to leave her behind, but it was for the best — we have very strict laws regarding animals coming into the country, and she would have had to have gone into quarantine for a number of months, which she would not have survived I don’t believe. Hey — if you would like to stay in contact apart from our respective blogs, my email address is: It’s no big deal putting it up here, because hardly anyone reads my blog. 🙂

  3. Hi! Thank you so very much for you kind comment on my blog.
    OMG LouLou is so sweet, I left a comment on flickr for you. So sorry to hear she did not go with you.
    Best wishes!

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