Wow, I just realised that I haven’t posted here in some time. It’s not like I haven’t had anything to write about, but more that I’ve not had a lot of time. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, because I have spent an enormous amount of time lately reading some my fav blogs, not to mention finding a lot more to add to the ever-growing list of fav ones.

Those who know me would not be surprised to learn that the majority of the new blogs are ones created by interesting, often times quirky people. Funny, when I was at highschool I never dreamed I’d be hanging out with quirky people; now I’m happy to do so, because there’s something to be said for people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, regardless of the “norm”.

It’s like having my Mac…the people I work with think I’m a little strange because I don’t use a PC, and that I don’t spend all of my waking time playing XBox or some other form of online games. But I just take their jibes on the chin and move on, in the knowledge that I am happy to be who I am regardless of the peer pressures around me.

There are a number of things I could write about here, and yet I don’t see any standout item — well, perhaps I do. I went to a small town that is close to Pittsburgh (PA) (it could really be a suburb of the city) called Millvale. The reason for this trip was to see one of my fav artists, Beth Orton, in concert. Interestingly, not one person I work with has ever heard of Beth Orton, though I shouldn’t be surprised I guess because they aren’t really into her flavour of music. Acttualy, right now I am listening to some of her songs — as I write this line I’m enjoying “Paris Train”, from her highly successful recording “Daybreaker”.

The concert was at a place called Mr Smalls — an old church that these days is used for performances such as the Berth Orton concert. In its day, this church most likely saw some inspiring orations from the pulpit — now it is witness to performances from a small stage raised above the audience, much in the same manner as the pulpit. The church’s interior has been renovated very tastefully — the pews have been removed and replaced by small tables and chairs, giving those in attendance comfortable viewing opportunities. Great concert!

Well…getting late so off to bed for me…till next time take care all.


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