An Apple a day….

Apple Store
Did I mention I love my MacBook? In fact, any piece of Apple technology is quite welcome in my life. I ventured into this realm about 18 months ago, when my wife suggested I buy an iBook, probably because I wanted to use her PowerBook all the time, not to mention her iPod. The iBook was so easy to use, and making the jump from the world of Microsoft and PCs was no big deal. I still have a DELL, which I use from time to time. The thing that jumps out at me every time is this constant need to be installing patches etc on the DELL, whereas there is little need for that on the Mac.

That's not to say that the DELL doesn't have a place, because there are things that I need it for, but that gap is somewhat less evident now, especially now that Apple has built a new line of desktops & notebooks which have the capability to have both the MAC operating system and Windows XP loaded on the same machine.  This effectively means that someone with needs under both platforms should be catered for.  Given the increasing market share that Apple is achieving, perhaps in the not too distant future we may see a PC with the same versatility and choice?


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